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After a 43 year relationship, the Mattel Company decided that it was time for the two dolls relationship to end. From 1961 Barbie and Ken have been considered as a couple. The many different careers and styles of the years have an impact on the lives of these dolls. The names for the Barbie and Ken dolls were taken from the names of Ruth Handler, who was the original designer of Barbie. . The Barbie and Ken dolls are made so that they resemble adults. Once Mattel made Barbie and acquired the rights to the German doll, Lilli was soon discontinued. This separation lasted for about 2 years. While the reason for the separation of the famous couple is probably due to a decline in sales, the reason they are a couple is that probably Barbie doesn't sound complete without Ken. Now while Barbie and Ken are just toys they are iconic figures. The one constant perhaps is the imagination and the endless hours of fun that a girl can derive from just playing with her Barbie and Ken dolls. This fashion conscious doll has gone from being merely a Auto Control Cables suppliers fashion doll to a pilot, doctor, airline stewardess, astronaut, rock star to even being a fairy tale princess or mermaid. Today you will find that the world of Barbie has many accessories and items that can be used with either of these two dolls. These two dolls are well known by many people and not just children. Ken was named Ken Carson. While Barbie made her debut into the toy market during 1959 at the International Toy Fair in New York, Ken made his appearance during 1961. This can be teddy bears, Cabbage Patch dolls, Care Bears, soft dogs and cats. While these two dolls are mainly used as toys by little girls, collectors will not hesitate to buy either of these should they come across one. While the popularity of both Barbie and Ken is attributed to the clothes and accessories you can buy, the look of the dolls may also play an important role. For many young girls Barbies looks are in keeping with the careers that she keeps getting. Their relationship was a on and off relationship. The original Barbie doll was based on a German doll called Bild Lilli. There are also companion dolls that are of different ethnic backgrounds. They can even be the world famous Barbie and Ken dolls.There are many children who have a favorite type of toy. Barbie was then officially given the name Barbara Millicent Roberts. The looks and careers you see these dolls appearing in are an indication of how toy fashions can change. In 2006 Barbie and Ken were made into a couple again

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